First step towards a purposeful life

It is great you are taking your first step towards a more fulfilling life, it is an indication of how far you have come and you have probably by now realized that there is more for you to experience and that life is about the golden opportunities hidden within.


Time2Heal ® is very excited about The Reconnection and indeed this special offer.  Although this special offer is only available for a limited time it is your opportunity to move forward with further confidence. Now, let’s provide you with the details of our special offer. 

Before my reconnection I had been feeling completely disconnected from myself and the universe, my life felt like it was in turmoil. Since my reconnection everything in my life is falling into place with minimal or no effort - my relationship has sorted itself out and my business deal (my future) is coming to fruition! I would definitely recommend The Reconnection to anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


- Melissa, New South Wales, Australia. -

Here is the special offer, are you ready?


You know from the previous page what The Reconnection is all about - so let's summaries the details of this special offer to you:


In summary, before The Reconnection can be facilitated for you, it is suggested you undertake a Reconnective Healing session first.  If you decide to get The Reconnection done by Time2Heal we will offer you a FREE* healing session. Once the free healing session has been facilitated for you, The Reconnection can commence.

Time2Heal suggest the Reconnective Healing session will have to be a week apart from The Reconnection, if this doesn't suit you let the practitioner know. 


All sessions are one-on-one and will have to be facilitated from our wellness clinic in Sydney, Australia (Gladesville) and both the FREE* Reconnective Healing session and The Reconnection will have to be facilitated for you by a foundational and registered practitioner.   

The FREE healing session will take about 35-45min and The Reconnection consist of 2 x sessions. These two sessions can be  facilitated over two consecutive days, if you wish and you can also decide to have a few days in between these sessions, if you like. Each of The Reconnection sessions also take 35-45 minutes.


Time2Heal ® will administer a fee for The Reconnection and the cost is $333.00 and it is a fee that all registered practitioners will charge regardless of where you are in the world.


None of the sessions mentioned herein can commence until payment has been received from you.  



New clients:


All you need to do now is to fill in below form and our registered practitioner will contact you to arrange your first session with you. Once the form below has been submitted you will receive an email, explaining how payment can be arranged for your up and coming sessions.


Existing clients:


All you need to do now is to contact your practitioner by email or SMS and confirm suitable date/times and the practitioner will make the necessary arrangements with you. Existing clients of Time2Heal can also give the free healing session to a friend or familiy member - when contacting your practitioner, ask how this can be arranged. Payment can be done either online, via Internet Banking or at the practice. 

Once you have contacted your practitioner you will receive a discount code worth $150.00 which you can use when making your booking(s).


Once you have received the discount code - click the ' BOOK NOW BANNER ' below and make a booking for your first session. Alternatively, call out practise and ask if the practitioner can make the booking for you. 


So again - here is the special offer:


When booking The Reconnection, you will get the following Bonus:


  • 1 x FREE Reconnective Healing Session - valued at $150.00

Normally, you would pay a total of $333.00 + $150.00 = $483.00 for all this. But not today...

Today Pay Only... $333.00 - offer expires soon...

ln the event you have any problems filling in above form or should you have any questions relating to The Reconnection, please contact us here.

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