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It is no secret that most people are looking to transforms their lives – there are many reasons why we want to do that. For some reason or the other, we are all seeking to evolve and change for the better - we all want to make a quantum leap forward towards a more fulfilling life.

The secret to a fulfilling life – transform yourself !

​​I have tried everything - why is in not happening ?


The good news is that it is a natural process wanting to transform oneself and live a more fulfilling life and it is no secret that we all have the required capabilities to do so - we just need to shift our consciousness to be able to realise our potential.


To be able to initiate such a shift is not easy - but thinking back, the same can be said about learning to speak, learning to walk, learning to read – well learning anything in life isn’t easy at first, but when you have mastered it you wonder what all the fuss was about. We all take some of these things for granted today. Fact is that you had to go through a lot to get where you are today and acknowledging this fact every time you take your life’s journey to new heights is paramount.


It is natural wanting to transform your life, whether it is asking for the perfect relationship, more compassion, the love of your life, friendships, ultimate happiness, wealth, new career, more money, better health and so on.


Likewise, it is also natural to try to understand who you really are, what is the deeper sense of your truth, what is your life purpose and the reason(s) for your existence? Indeed, it is okay to ask for all these things and seek some answers, because you deserve all the abundance possible - you are worth all this and more, much more!

Your possibilities are endless !

Your possibilities are endless and will always stem from within yourself – however, without initiating the shift required and without taking the proper actions you may find transforming your personal life for the better somewhat of a challenge.


It is not impossible to transform your life but for some it can be challenging. Many people are going through this process to some degree, many are thinking about this on the subconscious as well as the conscious level, doing so knowingly and unknowingly.

The Reconnection - Endless Opportunities

Dont despair - there is help !


However, despite the many books and self-development programs published on the subject of abundance and indeed the good intention behind all of this, it is not easy to manifest ones desires.


Indeed, many people would at some point in time in their life have purchased a book on how to acheive abundance and a better life.  After a while you may realise it is not happening to you, you might just give up or jump on to another course or buy another book.  At some point you wonder why - what went wrong and you may even end up thinking you havent got it, and that a fulfilling and abundant life is for the special few.  But here is the thing - how is someone going to be able to manifest ones desires, if it doesn’t work in harmony with one’s true life purpose.  


The key is to reconnect you to who you once were - once this is done the law of attraction will guide you on your life-path.  So dont give up, dont despair, there is help - you too can flow forward and live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.


To help you move forward on your further journey, Time2Heal ® is presenting you, THE RECONENCTION ®.

The Reconnection®

what is it and is the reconnection for me?

Look and feel within and you will know ‘The Reconnection’ is your calling towards the acceleration of all your true desires - if you believe the shift in consciousness is the quantum leap towards personal transformation, then The Reconnection is for you.


If  you believe the shift on the consciousness level can also bring the transcendent power of healing you need to achieve just about anything you want in life - then The Reconnection is for you, also.



The Reconnection is the rejuvenation of the human mind, body and spirit - it accelerates your ability to evolve in the direction of your true life-path, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life.


The Reconnection was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl and differs from his other renowned modality, ‘Reconnective Healing’.


On a conscious level you may never have heard about this new and profound work that has been done by Dr.Eric Pearl and his many practitioners and followers worldwide. You may never have read Dr Pearls book, ‘The Reconnection’ – Heal yourself, Heal Others. You may never have read what leading scientists are saying about Dr. Pear’s work, you may not know what baffles the World of Science and Medicines about this amazing work. However, on your subconscious level, that might be a different story and it could very well be one of the reasons for this information is reaching out to you now.

The Reconnection®

what others are saying - read the endorsements

The Reconnection is here for the first time, it is recommended by leading scientist and endorsed by promonent celebraties and well-known people such as Hank Wesselman, Gary Schwart, Richard Gerber, Sarah Madison, Amy Lynn Grover, Keith Mitchell, Mona Lisa Schulz, Christiane Northrup, Lynne McTaggart, John Edward, Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dyer,  


The Reconnection has also reached into mainstream Australia, the many endorsements and indeed testimonies available suggest that this is indeed the next evolution in human development. Just read latest testimony below from Melissa in NSW, Australia and hear what she has to say - thousands of people have experienced The Reconnection, are you next:



Before my reconnection I had been feeling completely disconnected from myself and the universe, my life felt like it was in turmoil. Since my reconnection everything in my life is falling into place with minimal or no effort - my relationship has sorted itself out and my business deal (my future) is coming to fruition! I would definitely recommend The Reconnection to anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

- Melissa, New South Wales, Australia. -

The Reconnection - how is it facilitated?

The Reconnection is different to anything else you have tried before, it’s new - it is real and it can effect real positive change in your life.


The Reconnection needs to be experienced and it doesn’t require daily routine of meditation, no visualization techniques required or anything of that nature.


The Reconnection has to be facilitated by a Certified Practitioner and it is a process of working with new axialtonal lines of the human body. The new axialtonial lines are here for the first time and are vibratory lines, which connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with the universe.


These new axiatonal lines are channelled through the practitioner to the one receiving ‘The Reconnection’. Often these vibrations can be noticed during a session and feel like either small tingling sensations or in some instances a pull/shift in your meridian lines, which is very unique and special feeling. The change or shift you will experience can take some time to manifest. It is a process of discovery (which is the fun bit), but the shift or personal transformation (if you like) can also be instantaneous - so be prepared…


The Reconnection will need to be facilitated in-person and is a two-day process. So you will need 2 x sessions with a Registered Practitioner of The Reconnection, each session takes about 30- 45 minutes. It is one-on-one sessions and is facilitated from our private Wellness Clinic in Sydney, Australia. The Reconnection is performed either over two consecutive days or can also be done with a few days in between the sessions, in case you prefer.. It is a hands-off body process, no physical touch is required.


The Reconnection ‘reconnects’ you with who you once were - it is believed to be the key to life path acceleration and true abundance.


The Reconnection - the good news!

Here is your special deal !!!  Time2Heal ® is offering you a FREE BONUS - read on, act now to receive more benefits.


It is common practice to have a minimum of 1 x Reconnective Healing session, before The Reconnection can be facilitated for you.  

So, here it is - If you book your first Reconnection session now, Time2Heal ® will give you your first Reconnective Healing session for FREE valued at $150.00.

Now that is a special offer!

Experience  the next evolution in personal transformation !

ACT NOW...Thousand ++ people have already taken the next step !

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