What is The Reconnection?

The Reconnection® differs from Reconnective Healing® in many ways - they are two different modalities and serves two different purposes.


Reconnective Healing uses a new frequency field of the universe solely for the purpose of healing, this new energy field has been discovered by Dr Eric Pearl - whereas The Reconnection connects you with the meridian lines of the universe, allowing the practitioner to work with your axial and tonal lines, also known as acupuncture and/or axiatonal lines.

The axiatonal lines are vibratory lines which connects the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system and is channelled through the healer to the one who receives the healing. Often these vibration can be noticed during a session and feel like a small tingling sensation which is very unique and special feeling.

The Reconnection reconnects you with who you once were and with your purpose and your life path, it is the key to life path acceleration and a purposeful life. There are many amazing and interesting stories being reported on from individuals having had a Reconnection session, check up on the many testimonies on our website.


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Before my reconnection I had been feeling completely disconnected from myself and the universe, my life felt like it was in turmoil. Since my reconnection everything in my life is falling into place with minimal or no effort - my relationship has sorted itself out and my business deal (my future) is coming to fruition! I would definitely recommend The Reconnection to anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

 - Melissa, New South Wales, Australia -


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