Wellbeing for your pet and animal.

There is nothing more stressful than seeing your own pet suffering from a disease, illness or destructive / negative behavior. Often your pet or animal will give you some form of sign(s) when something is wrong – unusual behaviours are typical signs.

In today’s society, pets and animals can easily get stressed, ill and suffer from all kinds of afflictions - as a pet/animal owner it is not always easy to respond to.

The healing practice ‘Reconnective Animals’ has been around for a while and is recognised as one of the most profound discoveries of this century.  Indeed, the many astounding healing stories recorded worldwide for both Reconnective Animals and Reconnective Healing for humans is a testimony to this work – also one of the many reasons for why more and more pet owners are choosing Reconnective Healing as the preferred option when wanting to restore the health and the balance of their furry friends.

What is Reconnective Animals?

Reconnective Animals ®  is a new level of healing tailored for a variety of animal species. This new healing modality uses a comprehensive spectrum of healing frequencies, which have the capability of bringing relief and balance to all kinds of animals and pets. Reconnective Animal is a hands-off approach to animal healing, which is believed to help animal’s live a happier and healthier life. 

As proven with Reconnective Healing on people - for animals it offers a new way of healing which is believed to work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is a true holistic approach, which can help your pet through its own recovery process.


Healing for all animals and pets.

Reconnective Animals is a healing experience tailored especially for both animal and pet owners wanting the best for their love ones.


It is a healing art which many animals and pets have benefitted from, including but not limited to horses, llamas, sheep and of course house pets such as adult cats, adult dogs, kittens and puppies.

Reconnective Animals is practiced by medical, veterinary and other healthcare professionals, it is a new alternative to traditional animal healing methods, using the natural way.

There are plenty of healing testimonies from both animal and pet owners/lovers across the continent confirming this is real.

Reconnective Animals ® - How to book a healing session for your pet.

Please be aware, although Time2Heal is running its practice in Sydney (Gladesville) we do not have the facilities to heal all animals on site – in some cases we may have to come to the place where your animal or pet resides. Practicing Reconnective Animals is a healing art, which can take place at the clients’ home address, city or countryside. 

If you are interested in booking an animal healing session, you will need to contact the practise of Time2Heal to arrange this. Once you have contacted the practice you will be able to discuss your circumstances further with our registered healing practitioner(s). We do from time-to-time offer special promotions, eligible clients are welcome to make an enquiry to the practise should this be needed.

Your first step towards your first animal healing is easy - just fill in our online contact form and we will call you back to arrange an appointment with you, either at the practice or at your place. Time2Heal has an obligation to respond to your enquires within 24 hours.

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