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Master of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
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        As a foundational and certified practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection , I can honestly say that this kind of work is truly the most inspiring thing I have ever done. Being able to heal adults, kids and reconnect everybody with their true life-path is very special to me.  'Infusing' the healing spectrum of love, light and information into those in need is the highest form of completeness one can ever strive for. Indeed, it fulfills and transform you in ways unimaginable - and for this I am very gratefull. 

I have the credentials to provide services in Reconnective Healing, level I, II and level III (The Reconnection), including Distance Reconnective Healing​ and of course my credentials also includes the new healing spectrum Reconnective Animals which is especially designed for pets and animals - I truly enjoy providing these services to the community.


Getting up in the morning knowing I can turn this new healing spectrum to the advantage of others gives me purpose and makes me smile – what makes you smile ?


Time2Heal ® provides true healing and life-purpose to you - amazing results have been achieved for many individuals by offering two different modalities , namely The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.  You can gain more information on how our services have benefitted so many, please feel free to read our online testimonies.


​Since Reconnective Healing is not used specifically for the treatment of any symptoms or specific health challenges, it is recommended at your first session that you do not tell your practitioner what symptoms or problems you may suffer from.  Why you may ask - well, think about it for a moment...  Let's say you go to a medium for a reading - do you tell the medium all about your family members who have crossed over and that you would like to hear from your uncle 'John' and your lost loving dog 'Skippy'?

Of course not, you want to allow the medium to run his/her own process and ideally let the process validate some of the information you receive so that you know that you definitely did connect with loved ones during your reading. 

One of the most internationally acclaimed psychic medium (John Edward) always explain the importance of the wording 'Communicate - Appreciate - Validate' which is the key to not only a successful reading but also to a happy, loving and fulfilling life.

The same applies when you go to a Reconnective healer - again you will need to think along the same lines. This because The Reconnection is a bandwidth of new frequencies and energies that carry healing light and information. It is documented that The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing has its own intelligence and it will make sure healing is given to those in need, it will work its own wonderous results and miracles. It can happen that clients may receive a different kind of healing than they originally hoped for, often because that is the one that was most needed.

Many astounding healing's have taken place without the practitioner knowing what kind of healing the client was seeking - making the healing session(s) very special moments, not only for the client but also for the practitioner. In addition, many amazing testimonies have been received from individuals having received The Reconnection - allowing you to live a more fulfilling life. 

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