How to book an appointment with us


(Please be aware - seeing a practitioner can be done by appointments only).

If you want to book an appointment with a registered practitioner, you have the following options available to you:

Option 1:  

Online booking – we have made it easy for you. You can book an appointment with a practitioner 24 x 7. Our booking system is online and has been developed just for your convenience. You can now be in charge of your own appointments - you can book, edit and cancel appointments on the fly.  Remember if you book online you can use our promo codes and SAVE. Promotion codes have been made available on this domain  - have your promo code ready before you check availability, it will save you money.  


When accessing our online booking system you can find out available dates, times and you can even reschedule without calling the practise. You can pay online via a secure encrypted booking system or pay via Internet banking or use cash, if you so choose. The payment options are made available to you as you go through the booking online process. Once you have booked your first appointment , you will receive an email confirming the appointment including details of your registered practitioner and other relevant information you need to know before your visit will also be forwarded. 

Option 2:

​Call us - Should you rather wish to call and make an appointment, that is fine too. We have made our phone number available to you, including detail of address on our contact page. If you have the mobile number of your practitioner you are welcome to call in-person. When calling the pratice, please be aware you may be transfered to answering service - this often happens when there is a session taking place. If you get diverted to answering service, just leave your name and phone number - your call will always be returned, usually the same day and no later than 24 hours later. 

Option 3:

Email us - you can of course email us instead.  We have made a contact web form available for you on our contact page too. We usually follow up on enquiries within 24 hours.

Fees & Charges - when booking online you have the option of selecting from various pricing structures. Students and Pensioners starts from $75 per session.


- Please note -

Time2Heal is sometimes running special promotions.

You can find promotion codes within this website.

When making a booking online,

remember to always use the promotion code(s) provided 

it is there for you to benefit from ! 

FAQ - Got further questions or should you need more information - either call or email us - we will respond within 24 hours. 


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