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Healing Testimonies

There are plenty of astounding healing stories and accounts of Reconnective Healing, including The Reconnection.

One of the most well known healing stories of this century is the one of 5-year-old Demetrio from Greece who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Find out how Reconnective Healing helped this little boy improve his life - activate the movie to your right, this brief introduction is taken from the film, 'The Living Matrix' - The New Science of Healing. 

What makes Reconnective Healing distinct is that practitioners of this art do not need to know what is wrong with the person wanting a healing session. This because this spectrum of healing has its own intelligence and determines the form the healing that should take place. 

If you do your own research on Reconnective Healing you will find accounts of people reporting sudden disappearance of illnesses, mental conditions and afflictions such as:

​• Abdominal Pain​• Addiction • Allergies • Anxieties (fears) •Arthritis • Back Pain • Burns • Cancer • Cerebral Palsy • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome such as Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Pain • Colitis • Digestive Health and disorders • Moods swing and depression • Epilepsy • Frozen Shoulder • Guillian-Barre Syndrome • Headache (migraine) • Inflammation • Menopause • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) • Poor Digestion  • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis • Rosacea (and other skin problems) • Stress 

You can find many more astounding healing stories on the world wide web, including countless video reference material of social sites such as YouTube , FaceBook and of course within this website.

If interested in booking a healing session with a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ please contact our health clinic.

Reconnective Healing  - More Testimonies and Stories: 


Time 2 Heal™ periodically publish testimonies from our clients, these are provided with their consent and best regards. Below you will find some of our most inspiring stories, these stories are a testimony to the work we do and cover both Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, which are two different modalities.


Keep coming back to this page as we will update this on a regular basis. If you want to follow up on some of the stories yourself and/or wish to speak to our registered healing practitioner feel free to contact our clinic.  Or alternatively, you can also book your healing session online.



Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):

Rate of overall health condition - before treatment:  * *

Rate of overall health condition - after treatment:  * * * *


Vicki received The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing sessions from Henry , who is a certified level I, II and III practitioner.


Star sign: Aquarius - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Remedy: The Reconnection & wellbeing.


" I had come across Reconnective Healing through a couple of different avenues, i.e. reading forums on support of menopause, which lead me to dig a little deeper.  I then reviewed Doctor Pearls site and found this most interesting.


As someone that is constantly looking for ways to better support my emotional, physical and spiritual side felt that this modality was where I needed to be.  Menopause is an issue for a lot of women, however I also threw in a job after 19 years and felt that my body was in crisis – yes I listen to my body, and it was not happy so decided to pursue the healing aspect of this programme.


From the first session, the feeling that I had was one of calmness and balance.  My husband had noted that I was not whinging about my ailments, mostly aches and pains.  I had absolutely no expectations of these sessions but to be still, a rare occurrence for me.


The sessions were interesting from a sensation viewpoint.  My body seemed to twitch without my permission, and I experienced feelings of someone stoking my hair and yet I could sense that the practitioner (Henry) was nowhere near this end of my body.  I am not someone who is visual, I did not see images, but I did see colour.  I saw an image of very tall trees but the sky was dark, and then in a matter of seconds this image changed to beautiful blue sky, almost the feeling from darkness to light.


To say that I am satisfied with the healing is good, but I feel that the magic may continue to happen.  I am a person that likes instant gratification, but I believe that I am still in the process of discovering what may unfold from this experience.


Henry offers a quiet place of contemplation.  He has the ability to make you feel comfortable.  His energy is calming.  His ability to be able to tell his story, but at the same time allow you to discover yourself is paramount in his approach.  I would absolutely recommend Henry to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and find the same peace that I discovered along the way. "

Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):

Rate of overall health condition - before treatment: *

Rate of overall health condition - after treatment:  * * * *

Renaldo received Reconnective healing sessions from Henry , who is a certified practitioner of The Reconnection.​


Star sign: Libra - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Remedy: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


" I found Reconnective Healing while researching treatments to help relieve my CFS and Hashimotos symptoms. I had done a lot of energy work previously, and because the Reconnective Healing people were claiming to have a ‘new’ energy frequency, I decided to give it a go.


I expected to feel the usual energy that ‘healers’ use, but the energy was extremely different to anything I had ever experienced. It had a power that was truly incredible. I’ve never felt an energy force with such strength, heat and power. 


The first sensation was like an incredibly hot beam of light penetrating deep into my head. I thought Henry must have incredibly hot hands to radiate that kind of heat, but then I realised that he was near my feet not my head! Throughout the session this ‘heat’ moved to all parts of my body.


Over a number of sessions, the heat energy seemed to transform into a finer and more refined ‘wave’ of energy that gently pulsated throughout my body and produced a deep feeling of connection and balance.


While I wasn’t instantly healed, I can feel a very deep change has occurred. I feel more balanced, centered, and comfortable in my skin. And the symptoms and stresses that my body was under have greatly reduced.


The space that Henry has created to do his healing work has a fantastic feel to it. And he makes you feel very safe and comfortable, which makes it easy to talk about difficult subjects. Getting to know Henry I can honestly say that he is a great person that I trust wholeheartedly. I would, and do, openly recommend Reconnective Healing, and Henry, to anyone I talk to. "



Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):

Rate of overall health condition - before treatment: * *

Rate of overall health condition - after treatment: * * * * *

Melissa received The Reconnection sessions from Henry , who is a certified practitioner of The Reconnection.


Star sign: Gemini - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Remedy: The Reconnection & wellbeing.


" I wanted to have The Reconnection because I believed in it. I have always believed that there must have been a healing that could align you back to your true self without having to attend regular sessions on a regular basis that would ultimately cost you a regular fortune. 


I went into The Reconnection sessions without any expectations of what might happen. I simply just allowed it do whatever it had to do. Before my reconnection I had been feeling completely disconnected from myself and the universe. I'd heard of The Reconnection a few years ago and I wanted to have it done then but I never got around to it. I guess I wasn’t really ready for it. 


It's been a few weeks since my reconnection and I feel amazing. Before my reconnection everything in my life felt like it was in turmoil. Since my reconnection everything in my life is falling into place with minimal or no effort -my relationship has sorted itself out and my business deal (my future) is coming to fruition! 


I really enjoyed my sessions with Henry. The environment was lovely and relaxing and Henry was very easy to talk with. I would definitely recommend The Reconnection to anyone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!. "



Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):

Rate of overall health condition - before treatment: * *

Rate of overall health condition - after treatment: * * * * *

Annette received Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection sessions from Henry , who is a certified practitioner of The Reconnection.


Star sign: Leo - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Remedy: Menopause, digestive disorder & wellbeing.


" I was looking for alternative solutions to overcome menopausal and digestive issues. I tried the normal western medicine approach before and it did not work.   My hot flashes were gone after the first Reconnective Healing session. After my healing sessions I could sleep through the night without waking up several times and my digestive system improved dramatically…unbelievable results!


During my Reconnective Healing sessions I experienced involuntary body movements especially of my hands and my back. After each session I felt very relaxed and grounded… the sessions were an amazing experience…  


Henry (my practitioner) did a great job in explaining to me prior to each session what might happen…he also took the time to go through the different sensations I felt in each session.


Henry is a very giving and very caring person. He is very knowledgeable and could answer any of my thousand questions. I can highly recommend him. "



Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):

Rate of overall health condition - before treatment: * *

Rate of overall health condition - after treatment: * * * * *

Ms. E V Mitchell received 4 Reconnective Healing sessions from the practitioner Henry - the master of Reconnective Healing.


Star sign: Libra - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Remedy: Menopause & wellbeing.


" After having received Reconnective Healing, I feel very peaceful and happy deep within myself. I came with the hope that Reconnective Healing would help with my menopause symptoms of hot flushes and help reduce my alcohol consumption and to eat healthier. I've now stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I am eating healthier, losing weight and my hot flushes are greatly diminishing. Reconnective Healing is everything I was hoping for and has helped me in my situation.

Currently I have found myself on a journey of self discovery and healing so I decided to try Reconnective Healing to see if it resonates with me and to my delight it far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Let me share my story!

During my 4 sessions from the moment I closed my eyes I felt relaxed and saw flashes of the most brilliant colours and so many wondrous sights I wanted to stay there and never leave –I had no expectations during my first healing session, I was simply open confident and accepting that Reconnective Healing  would help my situation.

My practitioner (Henry) is easy to talk to and made me feel at home straight away so it was easy to relax during the Reconnective Healing Session and just go with the flow.

During each session I saw different magical visions it was totally astonishing like being transported to another planet. The visions lasted briefly and one morphed into a new one - I saw an angel flying into a space in a cloud then bent over and just had the back of her legs dangling down then next day I was driving down the M5 at sunset and I looked up into the sky to see an amazing cloud in the shape of a heart with a hollow in the middle where the setting sun shone through.  So beautiful this was it took my breathe away so I stopped and took photos - it reminded me of my angel vision that came to me during the healing session the day before.​I saw everything and anything from fairies, toucan birds, monkeys, orangutans, knights in shining armour, tropical flowers, palm trees and the list goes on and on…I remember cuddling the sun and thinking "I love you sun" and yet it didn't feel hot at the time.

Then that same night after the session I worked night duty and I was burning up all night long, however, I welcomed it as I knew it was because I had cuddled the sun that day. Somehow, I believe in some way it was fixing whatever needed to be fixed.

Henry was very wonderful and gave me a copy of the book "The Reconnection" by Dr Eric Pearl which had me enthralled from the first page so I finished it within a few days and know now that when Dr Pearl next comes out to Australia I will be there as one of his students.​I have been a Registered Nurse for 33 years and for me I feel this is the missing link - words cannot convey my excitement as I live to make a difference each day in peoples lives and with Reconnective Healing this will help me to help others on a much more profound level. By giving I receive.

I wholeheartedly recommend Reconnective Healing to everyone, as it is a life changing experience. A very big thank you to Henry and Time2Heal for this."

Client Survey - Health Satisfaction Index (1-5):
Rate of overall health condition - before treatment:
Rate of overall health condition - after treatment: * * * *

S Burgess received 1 Reconnective Healing session from Henry , the master of Reconnective Healing.

Mr S Burgess

Star sign: Virgo - Lives in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Remedy: Chronic back pain. (Distance Healing)



Hi Henry, 


“ Just a big thank you for your help, I'm doing really good now considering that when I got up in the morning I could hardly bend down to put my socks and underwear on.  My wife was always shouting at me to straighten my back as I was always walking with a stoop back round the house. The doctor had doubled my medication of painkillers of co-codamal to help.


The first thing in the morning I really struggled and now I don't suffer at all with my back and can get up in the morning with no trouble at all and last week while on holiday just 4 weeks later I was up and going for a 3 mile walk every morning while away with no trouble at all, so once again a big thank you ! "


Rate of overall health condition - before treatment: *
Rate of overall health condition - after treatment: * * * *

Ms. S Marie received 4 Reconnective Healing sessions from Henry , who is a certified level I, II and III practitioner.

Ms S Marie

Star sign: Virgo - Lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Remedy: Menopause & wellbeing.


I received 4 consecutive Reconnective Healing treatments from Time2heal in Sydney in September 2012.  Before I came to the clinic I had been suffering very extreme menopause symptoms for nearly 2 years.  I had been treated by my doctors, my acupuncturist and herbalist and the Royal Women's Hospital Menopause Clinic in Sydney - so by the time I saw Time2heal I was taking HRT, herbs and having acupuncture.  My symptoms were so severe that my Doctor referred me to the Menopause clinic at RWH.

All the treatments from traditional methods worked for a month or if I was lucky 6 weeks maximum but each time my old symptoms returned like an old friend -the hot sweats, sleep interrupted nights, mood swings, dizziness and nausea, listlessness and a whole range of other life crushing symptoms.  Nothing I tried gave me sustained relief from these all-pervading symptoms.  

Let me explain my history ;


"  I was pushed into severe menopause symptoms 2 years after having a hysterectomy - the sudden crashing of my hormones after the operation pushed my body into chaos. No one told me the consequences of having a hysterectomy and that it would most likely push me into severe menopause.  In addition no one can tell you definitively when it will end – possibly in 2 years or even as long as 10 years. That's a long time to be so unwell. My condition was wrecking my life - at home and work.

In my desperation to curb the sweating (3 flushes each hour) and get my life back I saw Henry at the clinic and put my faith in Reconnective Healing.  I was totally amazed with the results - I felt better after the first session - happier and healthier – to tell the truth I couldn't put out my finger exactly on the changes at first -but after the final treatment my symptoms totally disappeared - and have stayed away now for 5 months. I am a totally new woman -back to my old self again.

I said goodbye to the hot sweats, sleepless nights, depression, listlessness and nausea and hello to being able to exercise every morning before going to work, sleep long nights and be at work without having to worry about embarrassing sweating and flushing. The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection have really changed my life - given me back my health and a new zest for life.  I would recommend it to all women going through menopause. "

You probably find like me little success in the traditional treatments and little sympathy - not even Australia's best specialist menopause clinic could help me in the way the reconnective healing did. I am glad I put my faith in it and gave it a go! 

I highly recommend Henry and this new healing approach.  What is even better about it is I am also now totally drug and herbal remedy free. No more expensive herbal and drug charges, it is truly amassing and life changing!

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Despite the fact that Reconnective Healing is not solely used to treat any psychical symptoms or specific health problems, there is evidence to suggest that Reconnective Healing works not only on the physical level but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This also includes healing of animals and pets which is referred to as Reconnective Animals.