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Healing Guillain-Barrè Syndrome 

Guillain-Barrè syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder of the nervous system. It is a condition which is seen mostly in men, although women and children can also get affected.  It is a condition which weakens the muscles, causing paralysis. It is not known what causes Guillain-Barrè syndrome but it is not contagious.


Today, medical researchers are yet to discover if a definite link exists between Zika virus and Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS).


GBS causes inflammation of the nerves and can often cause paralysis. It is also a syndrome which is associated with the Epstein-Barr virus in CMV-negative patients.  CMV stands for Cytomegalovirus and is a common virus which 50%-80% adults have, knowingly or unknowingly.  Miller-Fisher syndrome and Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) are also believed to be closely related to Guillain-Barre syndrome.


The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has reported that we have approximately 400 cases of GBS per year in Australia. 


The case studies surrounding Guillain-Barrè syndrome suggest that this viral decease can be sinister and the recovery period can be lenghtly.


Research is still ongoing and the medical community is looking to developed new and better treatments. Below you will find how Reconnective Healing helped a victim of GBS.


It should be mentioned, at the time of this incident the victim wasn't into alternative medicines.

Wellbeing the natural way -Healing Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Reconnective Healing helps victim with Guillain-Barrè syndrome:

" I remember it started with a flu, I was concerned it might be an influenza – I wasn’t well for a few days and decided to go my doctor who recommended some blood tests. I was referred to a pathology collection centre in Crows Nest (Douglass Hanly Pathology), a few blood tests were drawn and I still remember the pain when the nurse penetrated the needle into my arm, normally I am okay with needles and blood tests, but on this occasion it really hurt me - judging from the pain the penetration caused I thought that the nurse missed the vein. I didn’t say anything to the nurse so I went home with a very sore arm. I wasn’t feeling right, went to bed not knowing that less than 24 hours later I was going to go through hell - the worse time in my life was about to unfold.


It felt like a few hours later, I woke up thinking who is electrocuting me, why am I getting this pain, when will it stop, am I dreaming - I remember I was sweating a lot and before I could say anything to my wife the pain increased rapidly to a level where I could only do one thing – scream, scream for help.


I was screaming and screaming at the top of my lungs, it was very unpleasant and I wasnt sure what to do with my self - before I knew about it, I was in hospital. The doctors didn’t know what to do with me, first they thought I had a heart attack – as they progressed with their diagnostic they realised that they could only do one thing for me and that was reduce the pain - so they decided to put me on morphine, put me out of my misery.     


I was admitted to Royal North Shore Hospital for about two weeks, I drifted in and out of conciousness and pain – most of the time I was sedated because of the excruciating pain that I experienced. Several MRI and CTI scans later revealed that it wasn’t a heart attack, thus a neurologist was assigned to me to find out what was going on. Eventually, the neurologist diagnosed me with a viral illness or virus called GBS (Guillain-Barrè syndrome). 

Better Health - Recovering from Guillain-Barrè syndrome:

Recovering from GBS was to me like watching a movie in slow motion – I remember, I was eventually taken off the morphine, I woke up and I found myself paralysed from the shoulder all the way down to my foot (right-hand side only). I was trying to be as calm as possible, I kept saying to myself – ‘I will recover’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I will recover’.


After 3 days or so I got my feelings back in my leg, I was able to stand up but my upper body and in particular my right shoulder was clearly damaged. Being right-handed I realised that I wasn’t able to write, shave, clean my teeth, even eat – my arm was just dangling at the side of my body, it no longer had a function. I was thinking why me, but I was determine to get well although my body was signalling that it was going to take a great deal of effort to get back in balance. I knew that a challenging time was ahead of me and I can only thank my wife for being there to support me during this stressful period.


I was discharged from Royal North Shore Hospital and was referred to a physiotherapist, an intensive recovery program was designed for me to help me with the remediation of my impairments. On-going consultation with my neurologist was also arranged during the recovery period.


After the close of my physiotherapy program and about 12 months later I recovered about 70% of my mobility. Despite continued numbness in my feet, restless nights, restless sleeps, on-going discomfort, sense of nerve interaction (very uncomfortable) and always being off balance, it was at that time my neurologist informed me that he wasn’t able to do much more for me. He could only prescribe very expensive medication, normally precribed for epilepsy, to help me manage the ongoing discomfort I continued to experience.  I decided due to the expenses and other personal reasons not to take this medication route. Of course I was worried that GBS could become chronic, but sometimes reality kicks in - and it was here that I knew it was up to me to find my own way to full recovery. The medical community, here I am referring to the Doctors who attended to me, the various Medical Specialists, my Neurologist and Physiotherapist, did what they could do – I soon realised that if I wanted full recovery I had to seek alternative medicine and approaches. I turned to Reconnective Healing - not expecting anything but boy was I proven wrong.  

Reconnective Healing – the right energy medicine for Guillain-Barrè syndrome:

Many doctors are starting to look at energy medicine as a great supplement to mainstream medicine, this also includes Reconnective Healing.  In my case there is evidence to suggest that Reconnective Healing certainly did elevate my health and assisted my full recovery. This result is a testament to the profound power of energy healing and although the outcome of Reconnective Healing keeps baffling the medical community, my experience and other healing results speak for themselves.


There is now a growing body of scientific research being conducted into this new field to lend support to these profound healing experiences.   


Looking back at my illness I can’t help wondering if this was all an intended result – I know it sounds irrational, but I can’t help asking myself if it was my wakeup call, did someone try to tell me something, was I too slow in the uptake? Today, I believe I was led to alternative medicines and healing, simply because it was meant to be. I can’t help smiling thinking how fortunate I am – after having received and given Reconnective Healing to clients/patients for years I am now in full balance. I no longer suffer from any imbalance or discomfort and I now have the ability to facilitate healing for others.  


In my case, I managed to get my body back in full balance, a true transformation of my body has taken place – although no one can argue medicine is 100%, I say this -  if Reconnective Healing worked for me and it works for hundreds of thousands of other people globally suffering from all sought of ailments,  why wouldn’t it work for you?  


I can only say - it is possible to take a quantum leap towards your own recovery by giving Reconnective Healing a try, what have you got to lose? "

 - A message from Time2Heal -

Despite the fact that Reconnective Healing is not solely used to treat any psychical symptoms or specific health problems, there is evidence to suggest that Reconnective Healing works not only on the physical level but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

If you research Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection you will find accounts of people reporting sudden disappearance of illnesses, mental conditions and afflictions such as:

​• Abdominal Pain • Allergies • Anxieties (fears) •Arthritis • Back Pain • Burns • Cancer • Cerebral Palsy • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome such as Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis • Colitis • Elevated Moods • Epilepsy • Frozen Shoulder • Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Epstein-Barr Virus) • Headache (migraine) • Inflammation • Menopause • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) • Poor Digestion / Digestive Disorder • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis • Rosacea (and other skin problems) • Stress.

You can find many of these astounding healing stories on the world wide web, including countless video reference material of social sites such as YouTube , FaceBook and of course within this website.

If interested in booking a healing session with a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ please contact Time2Heal in Sydney, Australia. 

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