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This promotion is valid from 1st May 2015 and it expires 8th June 2015.  This special offer can only be claimed by subscribers and/or readers of the Australian holistic magazine, LIVINGNOW.  This promotion is bound by our promotion terms and conditions, as advised herein.


Please be aware, to claim this special offer you will need a promotion code - this special offer is subject to availability of the practitioner and this offer applies only to eligible clients using our online booking system, quoting the promo code found in the LIVINGNOW magazine. Should you not be able to obtain the promotion code, don't get concerned - Time2Heal has other promotions, which you may be able to take advantage of.


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Please be aware, this promotion includes a total of 3 x healing sessions, but you will only pay for 2 x sessions, the third session is free.... READ ON TO SAVE MORE $ $ $ 





Time2Heal™ is offering three healing sessions for the prise of two and we also offer a further $80.00 discount to the first 25 clients booking online - this special offer applies to individuals paying upfront for the healing sessions. This means if you are quick, you can claim:



A total of 3 x healing sessions - for only $220.00. 



Above offer includes 1 x free healing session - normally the fee is $150.00 per session. Usually three sessions would cost $450.00, but if you hurry and book your first healing session today you will save a total of $230.00. 


To claim this special offer use the promo code advertised in the LivingNOW magazine. Payment of $220.00 must have been paid in full before your first session can be facilitated for you. For further information on how to book your session online, go to our booking system and follow the instructions there.

General information:

Other promotions codes may also have been made available via other media channels and can also be used when making a booking. In general, promo codes cannot be combined with other promotions/offers/discount offered by Time2Heal.

The discount cannot be claimed by clients qualifying for student/pensioner rates, nor does it apply for Distance Healing. Any discount offered can not be redeemed as cash and serves only as a discount towards Reconnective Healing. Time2Heal will subtracted the the discount offered upon payment of your receipt, which will take place when you visit the practise. For further information on our special promotion(s), please contact our clinic. Time2Heal serves the right to change the terms and conditions of its promotions without issuing any prior notice. 

General Fees:

We have made our fee structure simple and easy to use - all you need to do is to decide if you are going to pay for your healing sessions one session at the time, if you are please refer to the general fee structure below - or if you are going to take advantage of above promotion, find the promotion code in LIVINGNOW magazine and save. Remember, individuals not qualifying for above promotion - please know other promotions have been made available for you instead.


Note: Promotion codes applies to all special offers provided by Time2Heal - use the promo codes to save $$$.  

Senior Citizen / Students: ..... $ 75.00 per session *.

Adults: ..... $ 150.00 per session.


*) Students and Pensioners will have to show Student cards / Pensioners cards to obtain the $75.00 concession fee listed above. Students and pensioners cannot claim claim any special promotions due to the flat fee offered to them.  


To book an appoitment, visit our online booking system.

Session fees: ....................  $333.00 for two sessions.

For further detail on fees, special discounts and availability - check up on our online booking system.


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