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Dr. Eric Pearl use to be a chiropractor, he is the pioneer behind Reconnective Healing and he is widely published. He has been featured in The Dr OZ SHOW, The New York Times, CNN and Dr Pearl has also presented at venues such as the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. 


Dr Pearl was running a very successful chiropractic practice in Los Angelas when one day his patients started to report healings from severe health conditions, including cancer, epilepsy and cerebral palsy - occuring simple when he held his hands near them. Supported by leading reseachers in this field Dr Pearl desided to share and teach his discovery with others.


The many healing stories and in indeed the scientific research available on this subject confirms that this new discovery is indeed real and measurable. For those who have received healing it is a life changing experience. 

Dr Eric Pearl and The Reconnection team have been travelling over 90 countries globally and more than 100,000 people have been trained in practicing this work, involving health care practitioner's, doctors, nurses, mums, dads, lawyers and many more individuals from all walks of life.​

Reconenctive Healing and The Reconnection has also been published - in Dr Pearl's first book ' The Reconnection, Heal Yourself - Heal Others', Dr. Pearl explains how he detected the presence of other people's bio-fields (or Bio-electromagnetic energy fields) coming of another person. In this book, he also explains how it is possible to access and tap into this new and comprehensive spectrum of a new frequency field.


His discovery has helped bringing about dramatic health improvements  - often instantaneous and lifelong healing outsomes have been achieved. 


Dr. Pearl's discovery is well recognised globally as well as in Australia. This discovery has been documented by leading scientists, in various books, videos and journals.  Some of this information has been made available on the internet as well as within this website.


Reconnective Healing is recognised globally, including Australia and is today part of integrative medicine and approaches - indeed, wellbeing has taken a new meaning. 

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is now available in Australia (Sydney).  Time2Heal™, Autralia's leading wellness centre is very excited to be part of Dr.Eric Pearl's important work. If interested in making an appointment with a certified practitioner, please contact  Time2Heal™

Latest from Dr Eric Pearl

Part I :

Introduction to Reconnective Healing

Part II :

Medical Doctor explains her healing

Part III :

Severe Arthritis suffer gets healed in front of the audience.

Above videos were recorded in the US and broadcasted on Greatday Hounston, the videos are split into three parts, part 1, 2 and 3 -  each part provides further information on Reconnective Healing - a healing demonstration with profound outcome also takes place, part III.

Living with cerebral palsy

If you do your own research on Reconnective Healing you will find accounts of people reporting sudden disappearance of illnesses, mental conditions and afflictions.  Time2Heal is currently running special promotions for people living with cerebral palsy - check our special promotions and book your first free appointment with your practitioner today.


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