Wellbeing, the natural way - Healing Menopause and Digestive Disorder.

At Time2Heal we get many questions from individuals wanting to find our about our services. E.g., what is Reconnective Healing, who is Dr Eric Pearl and will this new healing spectrum be able to help me, can it cure my disease, illness or affliction?  You will be able to find answers to these questions within this website and as you slowly expand your knowledge of Reconnective Healing you will find that this might just be what you have been looking for.

The research, the experiments, the treatments and indeed the scientific documentation supporting Reconnective Healing concludes that this new broader spectrum of healing is indeed real. It is detectable, measurable and quite remarkable. More so, are the many astounding healing testimonies from individuals having received Reconnective Healing. Time2Heal has made some testimonies available for you, a good place to start your research.

Healing Testimony:

Digestive Disorder & Menopause

Time2Heal™ periodically publish testimonies from our clients, these are provided with their consent and best regards. Below you will find one of our latest testimonies. If you want to follow up on more healing stories yourself and/or wish to speak to a registered healing practitioner feel free to contact our clinic


To: Time2Heal

From: Annette

Location & Year: Sydney, NSW, Australia. (April 2013)

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" I was looking for alternative solutions to overcome menopausal and digestive issues. I tried the normal western medicine approach before and it did not work.   My hot flashes were gone after the first Reconnective Healing session. After my healing sessions I could sleep through the night without waking up several times and my digestive system improved dramatically…unbelievable results!

During my Reconnective Healing sessions I experienced involuntary body movements especially of my hands and my back. After each session I felt very relaxed and grounded… the sessions were an amazing experience…  Henry (my practitioner) did a great job in explaining to me prior to each session what might happen…he also took the time to go through the different sensations I felt in each session.

Henry is a very giving and very caring person. He is very knowledgeable and could answer any of my thousand questions. I can highly recommend him ".

If you do your own research on Reconnective Healing you will find accounts of people reporting sudden disappearance of illnesses, mental conditions and afflictions such as:

​• Abdominal Pain​• Addiction • Allergies • Anxieties (fears) •Arthritis • Back Pain • Burns • Cancer • Cerebral Palsy • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome such as Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Pain • Colitis • Digestive Health and disorders • Moods swing and depression • Epilepsy • Frozen Shoulder • Guillian-Barre Syndrome • Headache (migraine) • Inflammation • Menopause • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) • Poor Digestion  • Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis • Rosacea (and other skin problems) • Stress and Warts 

You can find many more astounding healing stories on the world wide web, including countless video reference material of social sites such as YouTube , FaceBook and of course within this website.

If interested in checking availability and if you want to book a healing session with a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ please contact our health clinic.

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