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Cancer is without question one of the most sinister illnesses and it has grave meaning to most people, it is a disease which many Australians are effected by, either directly or in-directly (through family and/or friends).

Recent cancer statistics published by the Australian Statistical Geographic Standard (ASGS), highlights an alarming number of deaths caused by cancer during 2015/2016. This is indeed distressing and is without doubt a concern to us all – in 2016, about 3 of every 10 cancer incidences lead to death (30%).

The Cancer Australia Government website has also published findings in the number of new cancer types/cases in 2016, such as  prostate cancer (among males), bowel cancer, breast-cancer, melanoma, lung cancer and Neuroblastoma in children.

Often, once a prognosis has been established most cancer victims want to know about their survival rate, they also want to understand mortality rates and how to best navigate through the various treatments available, be it surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and a variety of other targeted therapies.

Families living with cancer are also increasingly looking into integrative medicines approaches and often choose CAM (Complementary & Alternative medicine) related approaches to fight their illness. 

Dr Eric Pearl is the pioneer of Reconnective Healing® and co-author of many leading books and scientist journals.


Recently, Dr. Pearl participated in the global cancer summit ‘Healing Cancer In This Century’. 

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Healing cancer in this century...

The outcome of cancer treatments varies greatly and just because one cancer patient gets cured it doesn’t mean this apply to another patient - evidentially, this confirms medicine is not 100% and it is also one of the reasons many cancer patients look towards Integrative Medicine - a combination of medical treatments and other 'non-medical treatments' such as CAM, including but not limited to Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Herbal, Chinese Medicines and Reconnective Healing®, etc. 


When looking at a combination of treatments available it is a good idea to ask yourself what is the best thing that can happen if you combine ‘non-medical’ with ‘medical’ approaches?


In the best case you may find your cure, in the worse case no improvement is gained and you are back where you started.

Reconnective Healing® plays a significant part of integrative medicines and is offered as a ‘non-medical’ approach to a variety of ailments and illnesses, including Cancer, HIV, Cerebral Palsy and more.


A lot of cancer treatments are symptom orientated with sometimes aggressive approaches to treatment. For instance consider a cancerous tumour and how this is generally treated – the tumour is merely a symptom of severe body stress and is an indicator that the body has been out of balance for many years, often 10+ years or more and often this is also aggravated by the way we have lived our lives e.g., by smoking, consuming alcohol, wrong diet, exposure to sun radiation. Cancer is associated and can be triggered by emotional traumas experience earlier in our lives - such as toxic relationships, physical abuse, divorce, chronic negativity - these too can all be potential triggers for cancer.

If you do your own research on Reconnective Healing® you will find accounts of people reporting sudden disappearance of illnesses, mental conditions - these testaments and the fact that this new science is 'real', are some of the reasons why more and more people wants to try out this new healing spectrum. 

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Time2Heal™ is a registered and private practice of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®.

We care about your wellbeing and because we are concerned about the impact cancer has on our society, we are currently reaching out to children and parents suffering from cancer related illnesses with the view to bring you into optimal balance.  So, if you an individual with a genetic propensity for cancer or if your doctor has diagnosed you with cancer please know we are here to help. 

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New Science Baffles the medical community

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DR Eric Pearl...

If you are fortunate you receive the healing you are looking for, but if you are truly fortunate you will receive a healing you haven’t even dreamt of – one the universe has designed for you. 

Global Summit 2016
What is healing, really ...

Healing is about recovering an aspect you have lost, be it on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.


Healing is an evolution for mankind, it is an ‘awareness state of being’ and interaction of wholeness and balance and once reconnected with the ‘state of awareness’ you will be able to return back to harmony, wholeness and full optimal balance.  

Reconnective Healing® restores the body, helping the body to return to a natural and optimal state of balance and wholeness, it is not based on treating symptoms - it goes much deeper than that.

In fact, Reconnective Healing® doesn’t pay any attention to symptoms, it addresses the overall state of wholeness and the health of a person and often when the person returns to optimal balance where cancer (e.g. tumour) exists, it serves no purpose and the cancer can disappear on its own.  

Reconnective Healing® is a new spectrum of energy containing light & information which scientists believe reconnects the strings and strands of DNA – it is not really fully understood and becomes clear to many once tried it.

Reconnective Healing® is practised in hospitals around the World and in private practises, including Australian private clinic's and practises.

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