Time2Heal™ is Australia’s leading healing practice, a non-medical and privately owned and its services are provided from Gladesville, Sydney NSW.  With its warm and tranquil ambience, Time2Heal™ is Sydney's hidden healing room - our best awards are the many testimonies received from our happy clients over the years. 


Our mission is to provide life changing experiences and services in the area of alternative health and wellness programs.  The services provided are carefully selected, developed and trailed to ensure an optimal healing experience in all aspect of life – suitable for any adults, children and even animals. In particular, Time2Heal™ specialises in channelling new compassionate and healing frequencies (energy) to those in need by applying Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ®. 


All services are facilitated from our private practice in Sydney (Australia) - Reconnective Healing ® is offered in one-on-one sessions. However, Reconnective Healing ® can also be facilitated at a distance, referred to as Distance Healing.  Distance Healing allowing individuals who cannot make it to the clinic to receive healing. Most individual who has received Reconnective Healing ® describe is as a very unique experience with positive outcome.


Awareness session for groups on Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ® are also offered in our tranquil and hidden oasis where our healing room is located – these group sessions are held from time-to-time, check our website for details.


The co-founder of Time2Heal™ is a certified healing practitioner, a master of this artwork who has undertaken personal training from Dr Eric Pearl – Dr. Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ®. 


Reconnective Healing ® goes beyond the traditional healing spectrums known today – there is plenty of scientific research available for you to read on this subject. You will find when you start researching this fascinating work that Reconnective Healing ® is believed to heal not only on the physical level, but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.  A good starting point when researching  Reconnective Healing is to read our many testimonials available on this website.


Time2Heal™ is enjoying a trustworthy reputation in the market place, the many healing stories, the hundreds of healing sessions that we have facilitated and indeed the genuine feedback received from our clients is a testament to this. The co-founder of Time2Heal™ is a firm believer of evidence based medicines, he states;


'' It is now proven that it is possible to achieve Wellness & Wellbeing the natural way - complementary and alternative medicine have taken a new quantum leap... Indeed the health enhancing effects gained from Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ® is a testimony to this.  Our trustworthy testimonies, amazing healing stories and of course the scientific evidence  supporting our work is one of many reasons why this work is becoming more and more accepted in mainstream medical communities across Australia and indeed elsewhere around the globe. Thanks to Dr Eric Pearl , energy healing has taken a new direction ’’.


Alternative health therapies have become very popular and accepted by the public. not only in Australia but also globally. Popular alternative therapies include chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, therapeutic massage, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as acupunture and Reconnective Healing is not an exception.  Today, Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ® is seen by many experts as the next evolution in alternative medicine, some also refer the next evolution in medicine as ‘informational medicine’, yet others see it as a mystery - you can find out what is baffling the medical community right now by reading our healing testimonies, check up on some of the research that underpins this new modality or alternatively go take advantage of our special introductory offer.

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